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Dunedin High School Class of 1966


Any events or news you would like to share with other classmates, such as grand kids, trips, special events, useful information, Internet scams, etc. Contact Pete Cox and I will get it published here.


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Roy Trautman Obituary (click here).


Judy Yates Shearer's Essay on Dealing with Cancer (click here). 

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Judy Yates Shearer's New Book (click here). 

Added: 08/21/11

I wanted to share this with my classmates, and hope you can forward this on. One of my co-workers here graduated from Clearwater High School and we were discussing the dances we used to go to - we called them Star Specs(or Star Spectaculars). I was such a groupie for the Roemans (of Tommy Roe and The Roemans). Anyway, I found their hit, Miserlou, on Youtube and wanted to share it for a trip down memory lane!!
Have a great time at the reunion, maybe I will get over there one of these days!
Nancy Farrar Merchant


From Gary Haitt,

To continue the Star Spec theme, I found this site! It contains Star Spec crowd photos, copy of tickets and even the contract for the 4-song Stones concert at Jack Russell stadium a lot of us went to! Paul Cochran handled the booking for the Stones concert in 65 (see below).

Check all the stuff on this site.

All I remembered is the the local bands, Roemans, Tropics, Impacs.