Deceased Classmates

Dunedin High School Class of 1966

The following is a list of classmates who are no longer with us. If you know of anyone else who should be added to this list please let us know. Please go to the 'Contact Us' section to provide us with more information.



as of 07/24/2019

Kathy Callan Merrill Covert Wayne Cross C. Don Cross
David Deslauriers Ronnie Jean Grace Bonnie Hoffman Vince Holmes
Don Johnson Ron Karnuth Miles Kempf John Klein

Randy Napp

Hazel McIntyre Kathy Meyers Ron Radford
Marcia Richardson Barbara Rowe Robert Shaw Daryl Smith
Donna Smith Marcy Touponce Pam Ulmer Anne Weatherby
Fred White Skip Winter Harvey Wyman Tom Izon 
Jay Stout  Dianne Dill  Bob Hays  James Downing 
Frank Matthews  Derrick Raney  Gail Miller  Greg Gordon 
Robert Fansler  Jane Hoock  James Bedsaul  Christine Hosford 
Karl Stefanoff  John Avella  Wynton Asbell  Walter Griner 
Joe Spaulding  J.B. Holmes  Art Pollock  Judy Yates 
Roy Trautman  Thomas Mynes  Pat Merritt  Tony Rogers 
Annie Griner  Mary Wetherington  Bill Beck  Tom Kennedy 
Bob Bazata  Tony Vinson  Janice Chapman  Terry Backer 
Ray DuPont  Dannie Gillespie  Bob Tipton   Rich Grandish